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what you know and don't

what you know about me..
1) I am a hot temper person
2) I will scold you if you did wrong
3) I will make face when I feel angry, annoyed, etc..

but what you did not know about me..
1) I can easily get angry at someone or something but I'm also easy to cool down my anger.. just give me a little time, and I'll be ok..
2) I had a principe, its better me the one who scold my friend for their fault rather than letting others talk back and laugh at my friend cause I would be angry when people makes my friends cry
3) Yup.. I'll definitely make a sour face but I'll remain silent at the same time.. I'm a human though.. I'll avoid you and remain silent in order to avoid me from saying things that would definitely hurt you.. in other words, be thankful I just make face because at that time, I'm controlling my anger towards you..

so, ask yourself.. did you really know FATIN HAZWANI BT ZAINI just because you had be friends with me for a couple years?.. there's only seve…

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